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BSc Anthropology after 12th/How to become an anthropologist?

Today the population of the earth is 8 billion and where people of different cultures live. In such a situation, if a question comes to your mind about how people started speaking and how different cultures were formed, then you can pursue your career in the field of Anthropology. Anthropologists work on human culture, customs, religions, beliefs, genetics, and social behavior.

To become a professional anthropologist, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. Along with this, you can also do a master’s and Ph.D. degree to gain expertise in it. First of all, we talk about what is BSC Anthropology course and Career after Anthropology.

Who are Anthropologists?

Anthropologists deal with human economic, political, biological, social, and cultural aspects. There are many types of anthropology like archeology, linguistic anthropology, cultural anthropology, and biological anthropology. Let’s know one by one:

ArcheologyIn this field, past civilizations and societies are studied like Harappa and Mohenjodaro and whenever any old remains are found, it is studied by Archeologists.
Linguistic ArcheologyIn this field, you learn how language was invented and how people started talking to each other. Along with this, the language of previous civilizations has to be understood and obtained from them.
Cultural AnthropologyIt deals with the cultural variation among the various civilizations. This field focuses on human culture, societies, and their development. Breed, Gender, kingship, and cultural elements are the study aspects of this field.
Biological AnthropologyIt focuses on the biological structure of human beings. In this field, you do research in different fields by studying genetics, carbon dating, bone chemistry, etc.

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What is BSc Anthropology?

B.Sc Anthropology is a 3 years undergraduate course that makes you get information about human development. Anthropology is the study of the origin and history behind the origin of human beings.

In BSc, you are taught about human evolution and development, culture, social behavior, religions, etc. Through this course, you can enter into various fields such as Anthropologist, Archeologist, etc.

BSc Nursing BSc Data Science
BSc HorticultureBSc Environmental Science

How to become an anthropologist?

To become a professional anthropologist, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree.

To do Bachelor’s in Anthropology, you must pass your 12th class with at least 50% marks. The 12th class should pass through PCM ( physics, chemistry, mathematics) or PCB (physics, chemistry, biology) because the subject learned in the 12th class is the foundation of this course.

Internship: As the B.Sc Anthropology course is a research-oriented course and practical subjects are also included in it, you must do an internship for this. You can do an internship under Senior Anthropologist at Museum, Research Institute, etc.

If you are in class 10th and want to make a career in the Anthropology field then you should choose the science stream in class 12th. Because most of the colleges offer you B.Sc course in Anthropology for which it is necessary to pass 12th from the science stream.

Along with this, some colleges give you the opportunity to do a BA Anthropology course after doing Arts. Because BA Candidate knows about the basics subjects like History, etc. which provide help during the course. So if you have passed the 12th class with Arts subjects like History, Sociology, and Home Science, then you will get a lot of help in Anthropology.

To take admission to the top college of BSc Anthropology, you will have to give the national level entrance exam, some universities conduct their own entrance exam, whereas if you have passed class 12 with good marks, then you can also take admitted on a merit basis.

Entrance Exams

Examconducted byeligibility
PUCETPunjab University, Chandigarhcandidate has passed 12th class (PCM) with 50% aggregate
DUETDelhi UniversityStudents in class 12 or equivalent must have a 75% overall average in four subjects. They must have gotten an 85% in English.
CUETNational Testing Agencycandidate have passed 12th class (PCM) with a minimum of 50% marks for General category candidates and 45% marks for SC/ST candidates

BSc Anthropology Colleges

Hansraj College, Delhi1,540
Punjab University, Chandigarh44,000
University of Lucknow, Lucknow35,000
NIMS University, Jaipur60,000
Amity University, Noida1.70 lakhs
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Delhi18,000
Vidyasagar University, West Bengal60,000


1st year2nd year3rd year
introduction to Social Anthropologytribes and patients in IndiaHuman Ecology
kinship archaeologicalhuman geneticsbiological dimensions
Anthropology 1Cell Biology 2fundamentals of human origin and Evolution
archaeological Anthropology 2Molecular Biology 1genomic diversity in the human population
introduction to Biological AnthropologyBiodiversity and Indigenous Knowledgebiological diversity in the human population
biostatics and data analysisAnthropology of India Molecular Biology 2social and cultural dimensions
technical writing and communication in EnglishAnthropology of Religion Politics and Economytheories of culture and society

Job Profiles

historic buildings inspectorarchaeological field technician
anthropologistsconservation officer
cultural anthropologistarchaeologist
forensic anthropologisteconomic anthropologist

What to do after BSc Anthropology?

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MSc Anthropology

This is a 2-year postgraduate course in which you do in-depth research, in which you study subjects like Social Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Genetics and Human Variation, Research Methodology, and Applied Anthropology.

Punjab University, Chandigarh28,000
Miranda House College, Delhi32,000
University of Calcutta, Kolkata16,300
Visva Bharti University, West Bengal2,400
University of Allahabad, Allahabad2,600
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad8,700
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur11,500


After mastering Anthropology, you can work as a teacher in a school or college as well as after qualifying NET exam, you are eligible for the post of Assistant Professor. If you want to go into the research field, then you can pursue Ph.D. By qualify the NET exam with JRF (Junior Research Fellowship), you are eligible to pursue Ph.D. from central universities with a fellowship provided by the government every month.

Delhi University, Delhi43,000
University of Hyderabad8,500
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Delhi16,800
Punjab University, Chandigarh44,000
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad22,000

Career Options Anthropology


Social anthropologists understand people’s behavior and launch products in the market according to Customer’s needs. Every company hires such people to reach its target audience. By getting to know the likes and dislikes of the customer company can make a product accordingly. The Skills required for this are human resources management, market research, medical Anthropology, international trade, and good communication skills.


You can join any NGO and help them in subjects like Public Health Education, Social Welfare, and Urban Planning for small castes. Along with this, you can work in the world’s Social Organizations such as WHO, UNESCO, etc.


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